Apparently, "words" are my writing theme for 2017...who knew?!  

Today I was livin' that gym life at my favorite fitness establishment (shout out to Columbia Jazzercise Center!), and as I was sweating through an intense workout, our instructor was sharing with us her New Year's resolution.  I thought it was one of the better ones I've heard, so I wanted to share it here!  

Her resolution for 2017 is to be the first to say, "I'm sorry."  

What?!  That may be the best resolution ever when it comes to our marriages!  I don't know about you, but sometimes having the courage and humility to say those two all-important words feels harder than the argument itself.  I can also say that my own husband makes good on this idea many more times than I do, and I am thankful.  Because my own stubbornness wants to get in the way of what love really looks like.  There is nothing that can soothe the angry tensions of an argument like heartfelt and prompt apology.  Mike is usually the first one to break the ice--the first one to offer that olive branch of peace and restoration.  And it never fails that once one person has apologized, the other usually follows suit.  Because it isn't about who's wrong or who's right, am i right?  It's about bridging that gap between us--the gulf of hurt and pride that threatens to open ever wider in the absence of humility.  

For this year and always, I pray that we can be like our God: slow to anger, rich in kindness.  But for the times when we fail, perhaps we can take the way of humility and love.  It's never too late or too soon!  

No, Justin.  It's never too late...

No, Justin.  It's never too late...

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