Welcome back, friends! In our last post we introduced our Date Project idea...well, here we are checking back in! I don't have anything revolutionary to tell you except our Date Night Bucket List grows ever longer and I'm excited for warmer weather!  We have a lot of great date ideas brewing, but many of them require warmer temps and sunny skies (come on summer!)

For last week's date night, we took advantage of a little March Madness viewing.  We went to a place that is outside of our usual and enjoyed the games on the giant screens all through the restaurant.  Each year our family has a friendly (and very small) wager on the tournament, so it was fun to go and cheer on our teams together! After we'd had enough madness for one night, we went to a local coffee shop and played a few rounds of Yahtzee while we sipped our drinks. I won't tell you who won, but I'll give you two guesses ;-)

All in all, it was a fun date, and while it wasn't crazy or adventurous, it was a good opportunity for us to connect in a different way!

What about you?  Do you have any date project ideas planned for this weekend?  We'd love to see your photos or hear about your ideas!  Remember to tag us or use the hashtag #dateproject.  Or leave your ideas in the comments!  Happy dating!