It was a date night weekend again! We have a great little idea to share with you for our #dateproject series! Boring dates no more! This weekend we double dated with a great couple-friend of ours. We started off with dinner at a new restaurant and loved it! The next stop was our escape room adventure...

Do you have an escape room near you? These are becoming a trend, I think, as three of them have recently popped up in Columbia. When I first heard of this concept, I thought of it as a "panic room," and it sounded pretty terrifying. I don't like anything even remotely scary (I once walked out of a movie after only about 10 minutes because I didn't realize it was a horror movie!) "Panic room" sends me into a bit of a panic. But that's not what this was at all! The escape room concept basically uses your observational skills and quick thinking ability to problem solve your way out of a locked room. We were in a Stock Exchange themed room where we had to find codes for briefcases, locked drawers, secret rooms, padlocks, etc. They give you clues along the way and you have to beat the one hour timer. It was so much fun, and even though we didn't break out (but just barely), we still had a great time! It was much more creative than sitting in a movie theater! (And contrary to the title of this post, we did not breakup!)

Your turn! What do you have on tap for your date night? Share your idea in the comments!